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Learn Palmistry / Palm Reading from Master Chuan's latest eBook!

"The True Secrets of Palmistry"

How to know the personality of a person in 5 minutes? 
(All their secrets are in their hands!)

ebook The True Secrets of Palmistry

"I was able to know my colleagues' personalities and know how to deal with them easily because I read Master Chuan's "The True Secrets of Palmistry" ebook!

It is simple and easy to understand, yet very accurate! Your friends will be amazed about how much you know about them!

Ross Edwards


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Sample pages

June 17, 2008
From:  Master Chuan
Author, "The True Secrets of Palmistry"

Dear Friend,
If you are looking for a good book that will provide you information about palmistry that really works, (I will prove it to you in a moment) then please read this message very carefully. It will be the most important information you read this year.

Let's start with a question: If you could know a person's personality in just 5 mins after you have seen them for the first time, would you want to?

Not psychic reading. Not forcing them to tell you. Not by any demonic forces.

By learning to read the palm of a person! All you need is a glance or two at the hand and you can come to a conclusion quickly!

My name is Master Chuan and I would like to share some interesting information with you.  I have been reading palms for more than 15 years and I have specially taken 2 years of my time to prepare this ebook, "The True Secrets of Palmistry".

Many professional palmist will not want you to obtain this book as it truly reveals all the trade secrets of palmistry which have taken them many years of practice to obtain!


Many people want to learn about palmistry. However, most palmistry books (I do not mean all of them, there are really some good books out there) are prepared by different persons (meaning the writer and the graphic artist are different persons). Basically, when it comes to publishing a palmistry book, there are 3 main areas to solve:

  • The actual knowledge about palmistry
  • The graphics of all the illustrations being used
  • The layout of the text and pictures

The Knowledge:
When you pick up a palmistry book, you want to be sure that the book is really designed to be effective in teaching you knowledge on palmistry. Most authors of palmistry books may not have been doing palmistry for a long period of time (10 years or more). Some are really only amateurs that simply gather the information from several books and put them together! They may not have tried all the information that is in the palmistry book before! Thus it is important to know that the author must have been in this line for a long enough time and has also practiced and tested all the ideas he has put in the book.

"The True Secrets of Palmistry" is written with more than 15 years of well tested Experience!

The Graphics:
How many times have you seen illustrations in a palmistry book that does not even look like human hands? How many times have the placement of the palm lines been misplaced from its actual position? Very often, in these palmistry books, the illustrations are not prepared by the palmists, they are basically the interpretation of the graphic artists with the word given by the palmist. These are the biggest stumbling block encountered by all beginners and they get confused when these lines are not correctly presented. However, in "The True Secrets of Palmistry", all graphics are prepared by myself, who knows what exactly the lines will look like, and where it should be, other than the palmist himself?

"The True Secrets of Palmistry" is packed with more than 100 illustrations of real hands and line art graphics!

Learn about the Line of FateLearn Palm reading illustration 2Learn to Tell time in the handLearn Different types of nailsLearn Mixed type of hands in palm reading


The Layout:
Many times, when you look into a palmistry book, there are many illustrations that are without descriptions. You will have to read the mass of information in between pages in order to find out what the illustrations mean. Worst of all, the descriptions do not run in sequence to the illustrations presented. You will have to flip back and forth the pages in order to find out the meaning. Master Chuan has been in the training industry focusing on adult learning for more than 7 years. Thus he will be the best person to design a layout that is easy to refer and yet most effective in learning.


"The True Secrets of Palmistry" is layout with the reader in mind for best knowledge retention!

"The True Secrets of Palmistry has many nicely drawn hands with easy descriptions to refer to. It is a great tool to bring along when I first started to learn to read palms. I am amazed at the accuracy of the information whenever I got it correct! It is so easy to learn!
You will know that you've gotten what your money is worth whenever you see that surprised look on your friend's face! Some of them even withdrew their hands immediately, afraid that I know too much about them!"

- James Parmelee
Electrical Engineer

California, USA

Learn Palm Reading illustrations 1

Sample pages


The True Secrets of Palmistry

The True Secrets of Palmistry
How to know a person's personality in just 5 minutes!
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"I have read many books on palm reading and many are very boring and hard to understand. The terms are always hard to understand and they seemed to be using some other vocabulary other than simple English.

Master Chuan's ebook is straight to the point and easy to read. He uses simple terms and he also shared many of his personal experience in his book. It is more than just an ebook on palm reading. It even contains the philosophy of how to approach different people effectively."

- Michael Gellert
Retail Marketing Manager


Learn about Life Line in palm reading

Sample pages

After teaching Palmistry for more than 5 years, many of my students kept asking me if there are any books that I can recommend. I am always very hesitant to recommend them palmistry books as most palmistry books have the problem that I earlier described. Thus after painstakingly collecting sample palms and pictures and preparing the illustrations for two years, I have finally managed to put together this ebook.

Here are just a few of the many things you will learn:

  • What is palmistry? learn palm reading learn palmistry
  • Basics of Palmistry learn palm reading learn palmistry
  • History of Palmistry learn palm reading learn palmistry
  • Logic behind Palmistrylearn palm reading learn palmistry
  • General things to note within a palm learn palm reading learn palmistry
  • Which hand to read? learn palm reading learn palmistry  
  • Study of the hand shapes and sizes - Cheirognomy (Chirognomy)
  • The different shapes of hands learn palm reading learn palmistry
  • The Mounts in the hand learn palm reading learn palmistry
  • Planets in the palmlearn palm reading learn palmistry
  • The different types of Fingers learn palm reading learn palmistry
  • The different types of fingernails learn palm reading learn palmistry
  • The different types of thumbs learn palm reading learn palmistry
  • The different feel of the hand learn palm reading learn palmistry

"As a busy businessman, I meet clients and business partners everyday. During our meetings, I would check out their palms and craft my negotiation strategy accordingly. For an impatient person, I would go straight to the point. For a more theoretical person, I would go more into the details.

This ebook is small but the information in it is really very potent. Just like the Chinese poems, all you need is a simple 20 character poem and it can contain a very meaningful story of several pages. Master Chuan has broken palmistry down into digestible sizes that you can easily learn and apply in your everyday life. Just like what he emphasized in his book, the more you practice, the better you become. This is not a knowledge that you master overnight. You will be reading many palms before you become very proficient with it. However, the best part is that you will not feel the effort at all as each palm reading that you do, is like watching another interesting movie. There are so many revealing stories in each person that you read!"

- Adrian Er Chee Weng
Director, Telecommunication Industry

Life Line of the palm

Different types of hands

  • Study of the lines in the palm - Cheiromancy (Chiromancy)
  • Types of lines and their variation learn palm reading learn palmistry
  • Life Line learn palm reading learn palmistry
  • Head Line learn palm reading learn palmistry
  • Heart Linelearn palm reading learn palmistry
  • Career Line (Line of Fate)learn palm reading learn palmistry
  • About the secondary lines learn palm reading learn palmistry  
  • Line of Apollo (Success or Sun)learn palm reading learn palmistry
  • Health Linelearn palm reading learn palmistry
  • Marriage Line learn palm reading learn palmistry
  • Girdle of Venus learn palm reading learn palmistry  
  • Ring of Solomon learn palm reading learn palmistry
  • Line of Intuition learn palm reading learn palmistry
  • Other Signs and Markings learn palm reading learn palmistry
  • Years in the Palm learn palm reading learn palmistry
  • Putting it all together (Approach to readings)
  • Process of reading a palm learn palm reading learn palmistry
  • Things to take note of while reading a palm
  • How to improve further learn palm reading learn palmistry
  • Value-adding to your palm reading
  • How can you use this trait?
  • Appendix
    • Exercise 1 (5mins) learn palm reading learn palmistry  
    • Exercise 2 (15mins) learn palm reading learn palmistry 
    • Exercise 3 (15mins) learn palm reading learn palmistry
    • Exercise 4 (20mins) learn palm reading learn palmistry
    • Illustration 01 learn palm reading learn palmistry
    • Illustration 02 learn palm reading learn palmistry
    • Illustration 03 learn palm reading learn palmistry
    • Palm templates for notes taking

All these information are prepared with the learner in mind. It has been crafted to optimize learning retention. As a psychology graduate, I have been using very important learning principles in all my course development. I have been developing learning courses for more than 7 years now and have also done other form of online learning tools for adults and children. When you learn, you will tend to forget if you never get to use the same knowledge within the first seven days. Thus in my book, there are exercises that you can easily print and try out with your friends. Once you have read more than 10 palms, you will find that palm reading is not only fun, but it can be addictive to see those surprised faces on your subjects!

You can now order this amzing ebook on a secured website with the latest offered price. Best of all, you can order with total confidence because this ebook comes with a 30-Day, 100% money-back guarantee. It's simple: either we live up to our promises and your expectations, or you can request a refund and receive all your money back, no questions asked! You have a full 30 days to decide. learn palm reading learn palmistry  

Remember, this is thoroughly tested information!  It's not rehashed, farmed from some other books, theoretical, well- meaning, could-be / would-be, maybe type of stuff. No! I've written every page with from the field, tested, proven information that WORKS! Initailly, you can expect 70% of accuracy and as you read more palms, you will be assured that you can hit more than 90% of accuracy! learn palm reading learn palmistry  

"By reading Master Chuan's ebook, I have managed to rediscover myself and understand and accept myself better. I started to understand why do I do certain things and behave in certain ways. These are all part of my personality.
Learning to read palm is sometimes even better than doing a psychological personality test. You do not even need any input from your subject, all you need is their palm and they will not have any chance to hide things from you. By understanding yourself and others, you will be amazed at how much more opened your heart will become in accepting the flaws of yourself and others and deal with them effectively.

This ebook may just change your life entirely like the way it transformed my life!

Vincent Khoo C. K.
3D Graphic Designer

Life Line in the palm 2Zones in the hands palm readingMounts on the hands palm readingHealth lines in palm reading

Remember, I've created this ebook with the reader in mind and you will be able to start reading palms the moment you finish the first 20 pages!

Now you can read someone's personality with ease and lots of fun.
I'm going to show you how to do it! So what are you waiting for? Order Now!

You can't lose with our 100%,
ironclad, Money-Back Guarantee

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Yours sincerely,
Master Chuan

P.S. Many of my friends in the same trade have asked me why I want to write an ebook which reveal my trade secrets. My answer to them is that for many years now, I have seen many clients who got cheated or scared by some non-ethical "palmist" or "fortune tellers". They often feed on the fear of the unknown of their prey and get them to pay unnecessary money to prevent problems in their life. Therefore, I have decided to bring all these trade secrets to light so that you will use this knowledge correctly and also help to debunk all the myths and mysteries about palmistry.
At the same time, I always believe that when you teach, you get to learn twice. I am also discovering new ideas and concepts on palm reading everyday. Thus I am not afraid that you will one day over-take me in my knowledge. In fact, if you can really over-take my knowledge, then I feel even more honoured to be the person who have been your teacher!

For a fraction of the price of what you normally pay for an expensive meal, you can now own this amazing ebook in a matter of minutes!
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